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ENGL 190

Topic Course Title

Introduction to Literary Study: Other Minds, Other Worlds

Topic Course Description

How does literature help us to imagine the minds and feelings of others? This course explores how various texts serve—or refuse to serve—as mental and emotional “simulation chambers.” We will devote special attention to works that challenge established ways of knowing, seeing, and perceiving, among both human and nonhuman beings. Along the way, we will consider exciting developments surrounding the relation between literature and cognitive theory. Why do we read, and how do we understand notions of consciousness, relationship, narrative, environment, and time as we read? Texts will include a wide array of fiction, poetry, and drama. Throughout the term, we will practice a variety of interpretative approaches and will develop skills essential for college-level writing and literary essays. Class members will also have the opportunity to explore creative writing and dramatic staging techniques. This course is reading and writing-intensive.

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Mid Morning

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