Charles Westerberg

Professor of Sociology

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2272  Office: Room 303, Campbell Hall

I love Sociology.  When we consider the ways that social institutions like the education system, the criminal justice system, and the family both enable and constrain us, the power of social structure changes the way we look at the world and influences the decisions we make.  This realization has made me hungry for understanding how social structure works and drives my passion for Sociology.

The courses I teach are: Criminal Justice, The Sociology of Deviance and Social Control, The Sociology of Sports, Social Stratification, Introduction to Sociology, and Classical Sociological Theory.

My path started by majoring in Government and Sociology as a student at Beloit College in the 1990s.  I then went to graduate school, where I received my MA and PHD in Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Before starting my teaching career at Beloit I served as a Researcher in the medical school at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Over my 23 years working at Beloit College, I have been involved in a wide range of roles.  In addition to teaching and my research on the criminal justice system and models of undergraduate education, I served as the Associate Dean for 10 years where, among other things, I oversaw our career development and community engagement initiatives.

I have published one book and have contributed scholarly work for book chapters, journal articles, and encyclopedias. 

But, by far my favorite thing is working with students.  I have worked with students on independent research projects during the academic year and over the summer.  I regularly serve as a McNair Scholars mentor and take great pride in the accomplishments of my students. 

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