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Sahil Rizal

  • Sahil Rizal ’22
  • Sahil Rizal ’22


Kathmandu, Nepal



Majors & Minors


Graduation Year


Fun fact

I am addicted to pb&js.

Languages I speak

Nepali, English, Hindi, Urdu, French (basic)

Why I choose Beloit

I chose Beloit because I wanted to come to a small knit college where you know everyone and everyone knows you. Also knowing people from diverse set of backgrounds would help me get different perspectives on things. The liberal arts would provide me with the tools to tackle the real world problems. Above all I came here to be immersed on things I was passionate about.

Favorite color

Sky Blue

Campus clubs/groups

International Club, Music Club, Investment Club, Greek Life


I really love soccer. In my free time, I sometimes read, just play music or just watch movies.

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