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Martina Pulido

  • Martina Pulido ’22
  • Martina Pulido ’22
  • Martina Pulido ’22
  • Martina Pulido


Pacific Beach, CA, US



Majors & Minors

Geology & Biology & Art History & Literature

Graduation Year


Fun fact

i can wiggle both of my ears!

Languages I speak

English & Spanish

Why I choose Beloit

i truly had no idea what i was doing when i was deciding on a college. i had no clue! Thankfully Beloit became the right choice for me because of the endless academic/extracurricular opportunities, and its accessibility to shy (& not so confident) students like i once was.

Favorite color


Campus clubs/groups

Boathouse, Outdoor Environmental Club, Gear Shack, Sustainability Channels, Pocket Lint, Arts Co-op, & RHPS


kayaking & biking mostly! i do love backpacking, & often participate in team sports like softball & field hockey

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