Edward C. Fuller Chemical Education Award

Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in chemistry or biochemistry in recognition of outstanding work as a teaching assistant in a chemistry course or outstanding work on a research project that furthers chemical education. This award was established in 1982 by that year’s chemistry majors, friends, and former students in honor of Edward C. Fuller’s 30th year at Beloit College. Fuller, who taught full-time at Beloit from 1953 to 1973, served as chair of the chemistry department, chair of the chemical education division of the American Chemical Society, and author of a chemistry textbook.


Recipients: Abigail Membrino, Alexandra Murphy, Alex Zeimetz


Recipients: Damaris J. Allen, Isabella Callery, Rose D. Loos-Austin, Jordyn McDonald, William Walter Warren V


Recipients: Luke Kindle, Jordyn McDonald, Keelin Norman-Klatt, Stephanie Osten, Grace Scott


Recipients: Alyssa Morris, Fabian Dauzvardis


Recipients: Benjamin Scott, Koleman Lund, Jenna Nordin, Ebony Miller, Michael Lafayette

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