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[THDA 347] Performance of Revolution and Identity

The rise of a global economy influences postmodern theatre which mirrors the desire of people around the world to challenge the form, structure, and content of life and performance. Performance art, devised, digital, applied, and post-dramatic theatre offer new lenses for how identity can be performed and who has the agency to tell the story. The advent of the internet introduces a new way to get and stay connected with people of other cultures and identities, and provides continuously new ways to perform the self. It also provides an insight into political uprisings, revolutions, and cultural contexts the likes of which the world has never seen. This course examines widespread performance trends across the globe while asking students to focus on one centralized location examining the role of performance and theatre in political revolution and change. 

Course Title

Performance of Revolution and Identity

Course Code

THDA 347




A history course is offered every semester.

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