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[THDA 345] Performance of Nation and Industrialization

The machine has become a global fascination. How are things done more precisely, faster, and for a larger audience? Mechanical inventions quickly make it possible to bring the world closer together and divide the classes. How does a nation communicate its identity and values when the population, economy, culture, and morals are constantly shifting? Theatre takes a more realistic turn, and then becomes more and more abstract as the machine becomes more of an obsession. The approaches used in one culture are showing up in other cultures and the politics of the ordinary person are being spoken from the stage. This course examines at least two regions of the world to study the progression theatre takes as it tries to define a nation and speak to the elite, the workers, and the ordinary person about a rapidly changing world. 

Course Title

Performance of Nation and Industrialization

Course Code

THDA 345




A history course is offered every semester.

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