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[THDA 247] Performance of Resistance and Advocacy

This time period, called the “Middle Ages,” encompasses so much more than the Western world. This era saw religious schism and empires rise, fall, and grow stronger than ever. Trade became increasingly possible and profitable and, for the first time, Europe and Asia unify into one cohesive trade network which helped facilitate the exchange of ideas, produce, and disease across the entire landmass. The exchange of ideas meant that oral histories were now spread, religious performance continued to grow, and cultural practices became performed. At the end of this era, the invention of the printing press meant that performance was more easily recorded, documented, and kept. By looking at how ideas spread and grew during this time and focusing on two dissimilar locales, students embody theatrical texts while analyzing how they were used for resistance, growth, and cultural performance and/or exchange.

Course Title

Performance of Resistance and Advocacy

Course Code

THDA 247




A history course is offered every semester.

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