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[THDA 245] Performance of Beginnings

Since the beginning of time, oral history and storytelling have been important traditions across all cultures. When does performance turn to theatre? How did theatre spread around the world? What is its relationship to ritual, dance, and politics? This course looks at the beginnings of performance across time and space, from the first recorded evidence we have of humans confronting the world around them through etchings, writings, and songs. It also explores the archeological remains of theatre buildings in Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Japan, China, and India. This course pays particular attention to how scientists, anthropologists, and theatre historians connect the dots to identify how performances were structured and their meaning to cultures around the world. By reading ancient texts, studying the literature about the detritus found in theatres, and exploring the lived history, students gain an embodied understanding of the beginnings of theatre and its development into a cultural art form

Course Title

Performance of Beginnings

Course Code

THDA 245




A history course is offered every semester.

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