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Meri Yutong Yang

  • Yutong Yang


magna cum laude


Bachelor of Arts


Shanghai, China


“I’m so glad I got to know Yutong during her senior year! She is smart, energetic, and willing to go the extra mile in anything she does. I will miss her smile and her willingness to wrestle with tough ideas.”

“Meri was an amazing friend and classmate. During the cloudy days of Wisconsin, Meri was smiling and making everyone feel welcome and excited to be at Beloit, always bringing the sunshine!”

“Yutong is a great friend who helped me make more friends on campus. I visited Yutong and her roommates’ apartment often. Spending time there let me know more about BC and make Junior and Senior friends even though I’m a freshman. She sometimes gave me good advice which is helpful to survive on campus.”

“No matter the mood or day, Meri has the ability to make everyone smile. She is an amazing friend, dedicated student, and an overall wonderful person to be around.”

“Yutong has been a proactive student and dear friend since freshman year. We met up when we were studying abroad and she was kind and showed me around. She’s bright and deserves the best the world has to offer!”

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