M.S. in Cultural Foundation of Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Courses Taught

I teach courses in Japanese language for all levels. In my instruction I adopt proficiency guidelines of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language.

Akiko Ogino

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures (Japanese)

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2118  Office: Room 9 (basement), World Affairs Center

I am passionate about teaching Japanese to students of all levels. My goal as an instructor is to make the journey of learning Japanese enjoyable and rewarding for my students.

I offer goal-oriented Japanese language courses for various levels of proficiency. My approach is centered around practicality and real-world application. For instance, in the First-Year Japanese course, I aim to equip students with the fundamental expressions and grammar patterns needed for everyday conversations in Japan.

My teaching philosophy goes beyond language proficiency. I believe that understanding a language is inseparable from understanding the culture it represents. Therefore, my students not only learn the language but also gain insights into Japanese culture. To enhance my students’ language and sociocultural skills, I encourage them to consider studying in Japan. Immersing oneself in the culture and language of Japan is an unparalleled experience that can greatly accelerate one’s proficiency.

I have had the privilege of serving as a judge for applicants to the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. This program offers incredible opportunities for individuals to work in schools, boards of education, and government agencies throughout Japan. Several Beloit College alumni have participated in the JET program, a testament to the quality of education and preparation our students receive.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in learning Japanese language and
exploring the rich culture of Japan.

During my free time, I enjoy yoga, cooking, and reading.

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