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Senior Profiles

The Office for Student Success, Equity, and Community is highlighting students of the class of 2020 who have left a mark on Beloit College and those around them.
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  • <div class="row"><div class="col-sm-6 senior-image"><img src="/live/image/gid/124/width/600/height/600/crop/1/src_region/0,187,234,421/4819_unnamed.rev.1589157188.jpg" alt=""/><p><strong> Jayd Sepulveda</strong><br/> Hometown: <strong>Oak Park, Illinois</strong></p></div><div class="col senior-detail"><h2 class="senior-name py-2 m-0"> Jayd Sepulveda </h2><div class="senior-info"><div><em>summa cum laude</em></div><strong> Psychology</strong><br/>Spanish Minor <p class="hometown">Hometown: <strong>Oak Park, Illinois</strong></p></div><div class="senior-quote"><em><p> “Jayd raises important and relevant points related to the intersectionality of race, gender, and social class in class discussion. She is a wonderful role model for her peers about how to engage in course material.”</p></em><div class="m-3 clearfix"><a href="index.php" class="d-inline-block pull-right"><i class="fa fa-refresh fa-2x"/></a></div></div></div></div>


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