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Sarah Scheckel

  • Sloane Scheckel

Preferred Name

Sloane Scheckel


summa cum laude


Bachelor of Arts


Wauconda, Illinois


  • James E. Lockwood’34 Award (Anthropology)


“In addition to being a excellent student, Sloane works to make their communities equitable. They’re interested in everyday justice, in the ways in which we have opportunities to include, even when we don’t. They use theories learned in classes to analyze their world in order to make their communities stronger by making them more inclusive. Sloane is a gentle, kind soul who, true to the College’s mission, is making the world a better place through their own practices in the world.

“Sloane enrolled in an upper-level creative writing course with me, and they were the only non-creative writing major in the room. Initially, it seemed like other students were being hostile to them for not being an insider. But that didn’t deter Sloane, and they wrote two wonderful pieces for that class. They didn’t write to impress anyone—they just wrote what they felt like writing. I think that took a lot of strength. Sloane is the most solid friend I’ve ever known. They feel like family.“

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