Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Damascus University

Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology

PhD in Computer Engineering, West Virginia University

Courses Taught

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Threads and Operating Systems

Data Structure and Algorithms

Introduction to Computer Hardware

Computer Architecture

Computer Networks

Mobile Applications

Research Interests

Eyad’s research includes topics in biometrics, digital image processing, medical imaging, data mining and data fusion to develop fully automated systems for identification, prediction and classification purposes. More specifically, He worked in development of fully Automated Dental Identification System (ADIS) with goals and objectives similar to Automated Fingerprints Identification System (AFIS) but using dental characteristics extracted from dental x-rays images instead of fingerprints. He also worked to develop new tools that help in understanding climate change and predict future disasters related to weather, such as hurricanes and forest fires. In addition, he worked in development of prediction based methods to compare (and fuse) two sources of satellite data that have different modalities and characteristics. Eyad taught several course in the field of computer science and he has experience in ABET accreditation.


Sameh S. Ahmed, Yousef H. Okour, Eyad Haj Said, “A Methodology Based on Advanced Modeling Techniques for Groundwater Monitoring and Management-Part A, International Journal for Research and Development in Technology, Volume-3,Issue-1, Jan 2015, ISSN (O) :- 2349-3585

Mohamed Gebril, Eric Kihn, Eyad Haj Said, and Abdollah Homaifar, “Detecting Environmental Change Using Self-Organizing Map Techniques Applied to the ERA-40 Database” Data Science Journal, vol. 10 (2011) pp.1-12

Eyad Haj Said, Diaa Nassar, Gamal Fahmy, and Hany Ammar , “ Teeth Segmentation in Digitized Dental X-Rays Films using Mathematical Morphology” IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2006.

Fahmy, D. Nassar, E. Haj Said, H. Ammar, M. Abdel-Mottaleb, H. Chen, and A. Jain, “Toward an Automated Dental Identification System”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 14, No. 4, 2005.

Eyad Haj Said

Co-Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2365  Office: Room 219, Sanger Center for the Sciences

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