BS, University of Iowa

MA, University of Texas-Austin

PhD, University of Texas-Austin

Courses Taught

Earth: A Dynamic Planet



Structural Geology

Field Methods

Research Interests

Jim’s research incorporates petrology and geochemistry to learn about the role of fluids in the Earth’s crust in both metamorphic and low-T environments.


Rougvie, J.R., and Sorenson, S.S., 2002, Cathodoluminescence record of K-metasomatism in ash-flow tuffs; grain-scale mechanisms and large-scale geochemical implications, Geology 30 (4): 307-310.

Rougvie, J. R., Carlson, W. D., Copeland, P., and Connelly, J. N., 1999, Late thermal evolution of Proterozoic rocks in the northeastern Llano Uplift, central Texas, Precambrian Geology 94 (1-2): 49-72.

Foster, C.T., Reagan, M.K., Kennedy, G.S., Smith, G.A., White, C.A., Eiler, J.E., and Rougvie, J.R., 1999, Insights into the Proterozoic geology of the Park Range, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Geology 34 (1): 7-20.

James Rougvie

Associate Professor of Geology   608-363-2268   Room 433, Sanger Center for the Sciences
  • Jim Rougvie
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