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Jonathan Keith Dudley

  • Jonathan Dudley


cum laude


Bachelor of Arts


Forest Park, Illinois


“I have known Jonathan for 4 years, and I am consistently impressed by his growth, maturity, and general pleasant demeanor. He is off to graduate school, and I know that he will continue all of his social justice work in a bigger and better way. I envy his passion and ability to create community, and he will be very missed at Beloit.”

“Jon has faced many things during his time at Beloit. His will has been tested and he has met that challenge head-on time and time again. He remained unshaken in uncertainty and it’s no surprise that his labor has created beautiful fruit. Navigating the campus as a black man he also worked hard as both an RA and as a student. He often invested his time in other on-campus activities in addition to applying for grad school. I have seen him at his weakest and I’m proud because now he’s at his strongest. And he still has even better as fears to come.”

“Jonathan is a strong student who will begin a graduate program in the fall. While at Beloit College he worked with young people and choirs in Black churches in the city of Beloit to support and produce gospel productions. His joyful interactions with communities in the city of Beloit is a celebration of his humanity!”

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