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Senior Profiles

The Office for Student Success, Equity, and Community is highlighting students of the class of 2020 who have left a mark on Beloit College and those around them.
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  • <div class="row"><div class="col-sm-6 senior-image"><img src="/live/image/gid/124/width/600/height/600/crop/1/src_region/684,51,2355,1723/4527_LivePhoto144.rev.1588370616.jpg" alt=""/><p><strong> Julia Dirkes-Jacks</strong><br/> Hometown: <strong>Hoffman Estates, Illinois</strong></p></div><div class="col senior-detail"><h2 class="senior-name py-2 m-0"> Julia Dirkes-Jacks </h2><div class="senior-info"><div><em>cum laude</em></div><strong> Creative Writing</strong><br/><strong>Literary Studies</strong><br/><strong>Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies (Performance and Production) </strong><p class="hometown">Hometown: <strong>Hoffman Estates, Illinois</strong></p></div><div class="senior-awards"><a href="/commencement/prizes-awards/"><ul><li>White-Howells English Prize–Prose </li><li>Department of Theatre and Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production </li></ul></a></div><div class="senior-quote"><em><p> “Julia has been such a creative, inspiring, and energizing presence through her work in English and Theatre! Who has FOUR majors? Who acts, writes, and participates in theatre productions and creative/ critical work all the time and with tremendous verve, passion, brilliance and humor? And, also, who else is such a buoying, supporting, and invigorating presence for her many friends and peers!! Kudos to Julia!”</p><p> “Julia has been one of my best friends throughout my time at Beloit. She has also contributed immensely to the Theatre and English departments. She was my roomate for a year and I liked her so much I’m dating her now.”</p><p> “Here’s why Julia is impressive: she has like a gazillion majors, and her fingers are in all the pies, but she still has time to be kind to everyone who deserves it. (And probably a few people who don’t.) One time, I showed up to a party a little dressed up, and she said, very casually, “Geneva, you look hot.” I wish more women told each other stuff like that. When a woman says something brilliant in class, Julia always makes sure they know it. I’ve been trying to follow her example and do the same.”</p><p> “Julia Dirkes-Jacks goes above and beyond in all that she does. This year she is graduating with four majors (in four years!). She works in both the scene shop and the costumes shop in the theatre. In both spaces she is a supervisor. She regularly acts, directs, writes, stage manages, and designs for both theatre and dance shows. When one of our actors had to drop out of a play with 10 days until opening, Julia stepped into the role fearlessly in order to not let the cast and crew down. She is known for being a reliable person, the one that everyone seeks out, as well as an advocate for other students. She volunteers at a local elementary school, was on executive board for BITE and funding board, is an active member of Theta, and was an actor/writer in the student sketch comedy group Adult Themes for several years. Through BITE, Julia created Beloit’s 24 hour play fest and an arts showcase fundraiser. Pre-pandemic, Julia was in the process of writing an American Girl Doll play that was set to tour local elementary schools and girl scout troupes. When I think of a liberal arts student, I think of Julia.”</p><p> “Julia embodies the Theatre and Dance department. If she’s not acting, she’s directing or designing or building or crewing or stage managing or dancing! What hasn’t she done? NOTHING! It’s been amazing to watch her grow into a confident and strong actor, director, and writer. Her role in The Moors required her to empathize deeply with a character she found morally-challenged, but she took the reigns and created a complex and interesting character the audience both loved and hated!”</p><p> Photo Credit: Katherine Jossi</p></em><div class="m-3 clearfix"><a href="/commencement/senior-profiles/index.php" class="d-inline-block pull-right"><i class="fa fa-refresh fa-2x"/></a></div></div></div></div>


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