B.A., Beloit College

M.F.A., University of Montana

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Courses Taught

English 190: Figuring Desire; Fabulous Creatures; Readings in College Literature

English 205: Introduction to Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction)

English 223: Ekphrasis; The Short of It; The Prose Poem

English 262: Watching the Detective

English 271: T.S. Eliot’s Long Poems

English 210: Poetry Workshop

English 310: Variations on a Theme: Linked Poems and Very Short Fiction; Ekphrastic Writing; Writing Toward Publication

Writing and FYI: Venice—The Invisible City; Grimm, Inc.; The Literature of Adolescence

Research Interests

Poetry, Craft and Theory

Modernist and Contemporary Poetry

American Women Poets, 1865-present





Troy, Unincorporated, University of Chicago, 2012.

NB, manuscript in progress.



Selected Journal Publications:


“Fata Morgana,” “Seedy Mysteries,” “Your Boat,” Prompt Journal #6, Fall, 2017. Limited Edition Book Arts Journal.


“Myths Do Furnish a Room,” Gulf Coast Online Exclusive. Spring 2015.


“You Can’t Teach a Pig to Sing.” Cincinnati Review.Summer 2014.


“Welcome to Melinoe,” “I See a Long Journey.” The Laurel Review. Summer, 2013.


“Dear (You Know I Never Rode Horses Well), ” “Psyche’s First Chili Dog.” Field.Spring 2011.


Francesca Abbate

Associate Professor of English

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2029  Office: Morse Ingersol 205

I’m a Beloit alum (class of ’90), who dreamed of teaching at a small liberal arts college like Beloit, and I’m grateful to be here. I teach courses in creative writing and literature. My interests in teaching include the long poem, prose poetry, and poetry by contemporary women poets, and I’m committed to making work by underrepresented poets central to my courses. I also enjoy teaching ekphrastic writing and courses that engage with literature and writing in public. I’ve taught writing courses on fairy tales, writing about adolescence, and Venice. The resources at Beloit—the Logan and Wright museums and Archives in particular—enrich my teaching, as does collaborating with my colleagues. I enjoy working one-on-one with students, whether that’s in special projects courses, honors projects, or in the Sanger Program.


After Beloit, I attended the University of Montana, where I earned my MFA, and The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where I earned a Ph.D. I live in Beloit during the academic year, and in Milwaukee with my husband during breaks. My cats travel (unhappily!) with me. I enjoy running more slowly than my colleagues, working on my balance in yoga, sunshine, and reading mysteries.


My poetry has appeared in journals such as The Cincinnati Review, Field, Gulf Coast, The Iowa Review, and Poetry. My first book of poetry, Troy, Unincorporated, recast Chaucer’s long poem “Troilus and Criseyde” as a contemporary story of love and loss set in south-central Wisconsin, and was published by The University of Chicago in 2012. I’ve recently completed a manuscript of prose poems that engages with Montaigne’s essays, childhood, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, our environmental crisis, and hell in general. Phew. I’m looking forward to returning to line breaks and the lyric mode.


Beloit is a place where you are encouraged to live a meaningful life shaped by passion and curiosity. It challenged and fostered my love of writing and reading as a student and continues to do so as a professor.

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