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Not Here to Make Friends: A Creative Project

Presentation author(s)

Geneva Duren ’20, Davis, California

Major: Creative Writing


This project explores a creative world where non-powered superheroes and supervillains compete on a Bachelor in Paradise-style reality show in the hopes of finding their perfect nemeses. I focus almost entirely on different aspects of evil in female characters and why it continues to fascinate readers, writers, and viewers. From the evil Femme Fatale to the Perky Female Minion, I’ll examine established female villain tropes and their subversion. Why is badness particularly interesting, and what does it mean for a woman to be bad? Can a woman be bad the same way a man can? And why do lesbians like villains so much?

In my symposium, I’ll tackle these questions from a critical perspective and explain their significance to a broader community audience. Then, I’ll invite my audience to take copies of my writing home with them and to draw their own conclusions about my ideas.

 Here is the link to my short story “CRIME NIGHT”: https:bit.ly/2XEccvR

 Here is the link to my short story “BODIES IN SPACE”: https://bit.ly/2RHDBJ


Tamara Ketabgian

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