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Isolation of antimicrobial component from bacteria strain found in Alaskan soil used to fight late blight in potatoes

Presentation author(s)

Michael Jones Lafayette ’20, Madison, Wisconsin

Majors: Chemistry; Health & Society


Researchers are always on the lookout for new molecules with antimicrobial properties. Upon determining that a bacterial strain found in cold Alaskan soil displayed several types of antimicrobial activity, a USDA-funded project was launched to isolate the molecules produced by the bacteria that had the antibiotic capabilities. While this research project is still on-going, my presentation will focus on the isolation of natural products from a crude bacterial culture. This work involved collaboration between microbiologists and chemists, and I will speak on the interdisciplinary nature of this research environment. In addition to discussing my methods and contributions for this research, I will touch on how having this experience benefited me as a Beloit College chemistry student.


Theodore Gries and Jason Kwan (UW Madison)

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