Using Any Resource to Your Advantage through Measurement: a New Theatrical Work

Presentation author(s)

Stacey Jaeger ’21, Lisbon, Iowa

Majors: Theatre Performance; Theatre Production
Minor: History


“Measurement: an experiment in love and physics” is a new play written by Jonathan Salem Baskin. The play follows a historical fiction of Albert Michelson, Nobel-winning physicist from the turn of the 20th century, who discovered the truth of the ether, an idea that the world is connected through an invisible force. The play uses a variety of original music to tell the story of what is and what could be.

I was asked to do this by my friend, Abby Bender, who found this play through a community of those interested in the intersection of science and theater and asked for my assistance directing it due to my musical knowledge. We met with Jonathan and wanted to perform this for Beloit to create a great link for the science and theatre students. We spent most of our time in discussion with each other, Jonathan, and the cast of students. New works take so much effort: rewrites, workshopping, meetings, paperwork, outreach, and rehearsals from the first write to the final script of a fully realized production. We wanted to get Jonathan a few steps closer to that realization. To aid with this, we agreed to bring our Beloit production to Chicago to get potential producers to see the work.

With new works, the point is to create something that the audience has never seen or experienced before. It takes so many people with a passion for the project and the drive to work long and hard on it to really create something special. Creating something that becomes professional takes many years and hundreds of people working on it. In this digital age, it becomes easier to share all the gradual steps to get to that professional production, so any and all resources that are available become priceless.


Marina Bergenstock

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