L’Origine du Monde: Personal Grooming and Desirability

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L’Origine du Monde: Personal Grooming and Desirability

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Ruby Green ’20, Portland, Oregon

Majors: Critical Identity Studies; Economics


My symposium presentation will go into depth about the research I have done exploring the concepts of personal grooming and desirability, specifically focused on pubic hair grooming. I will be discussing the results of a survey I have conducted that asks about individuals’ experiences with personal grooming and its impact on their sexual lives. This survey also asks various demographic questions that will help me to determine if people of different political leanings, religions, levels of education, ages, and sexualities think about pubic hair grooming differently. I will also examine what other researchers have found about pubic hair and look at it from a variety of perspectives and topics, including health, feminism, pornography, the infantilization of women, and the sexualization of the teenage female body. I will also look at cultural and religious differences surrounding pubic hair grooming, such as the Islamic concept of fitrah and Brazil’s long history of pubic hair shaving and waxing. My presentation hopes to shed some light on a part of human existence that is often overlooked and is very dependent on one’s social and cultural experiences.


Catherine Orr

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