Voices Reconstructed: A Creative Audio Project

Presentation author(s)

Griffin Cross ’21, Arvada, Colorado

Majors: Literary Studies; Creative Writing
Minor: Spanish


June 1872. Charles Plainview has invented the world’s first speaking machine. Listen to his daily recordings and understand the fear and exhilaration that new technology inspired during the Second Industrial Revolution.

“The Fantograph” is a creative audio project I made in the style of the found footage genre. This 10-minute feature is the culmination of what I learned from Tamara Ketabgian’s Victorian and Neo-Victorian Literature course. I will share clips from “The Fantograph” and analyze the making of it, which felt more like an adventure than an assignment.

I hope to inspire others to explore what it must have been like to live during the advent of the many technologies that surround us today.

Special thanks to Claire Hayes, who made this project what it is.


Tamara Ketabgian

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