• M.S., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Mass Communication/Media Studies
  • B.A., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Majors in Speech Communication and Electronic Media

Courses Taught

  • MDST 105, Public Speaking
  • MDST 110, Concepts of Media
  • MDST 165, Cinematic Review in Media Production
  • MDST 300, Practicum in Television Broadcasting
  • MDST 301, Advanced Practicum in Television Broadcasting

Research Interests

  • Video Production
  • Television Production
  • Cinema
  • New Media Technologies
  • Mass Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Pop Culture
  • Virtual Reality


Kelley, J. (2015). Web-based amateur critical reviews in comparison to traditional television counterparts. 

Jonathon Kelley

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Station Manager of BeloitTV

 Email:  Phone: 608-363-2902  Office: Room 231, Hendricks Center

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of media industries, including radio broadcasting, corporate video production, television broadcasting, and professional film production. I strive to convey what I’ve learned in my professional life to my Beloit College students, allowing them to develop compelling narratives, visual compositions, and editing techniques.

As an educator, my primary goal is to empower my students through collaboration, with the intention of helping my students grow, learn, and succeed in their own journeys within the media industry.

I am a strong believer that a combination of practical experience and theory-based learning allows students to effectively develop their skills for an ever-changing media landscape. As such, I am dedicated to fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment where students can explore their creativity, develop their abilities, and realize their potential in the exciting world of media.

I can usually be found in the campus television studio, BeloitTV, where I serve as Station Manager in addition to my academic responsibilities.

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