Fencing Club


The purpose of the Fencing Club is to:

  • Teach students the art of fencing
  • Teach camaraderie and sportsmanship
  • Make use of the equipment already available to us
  • Promote fitness and health
  • Have fun :)

Membership Requirements

The Beloit College Fencing Club is open to everyone, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, club membership status, or physical or mental disabilities unrelated to activities. If you can hold a blade, then you are more than welcome to and encouraged to join us.

If you are female bodied, you will be asked to wear a chest plate for your safety. This is done not to place gender identifiers, but for SAFETY. These are the rules and regulations used by the Olympics and the FIE (International fencing body).

Student Contact Name

Lijah Sampson ’21 Fencing club president

Student Contact Email


Faculty/Staff Advisor Name


Page Updated 10/2/2020

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