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Dance Haus


Dance Haus is an inclusive, diverse space for recreational dance activities, open to all students, staff, and faculty to express their interest in dance. Dance Haus is not affiliated with the Beloit College Dance Department and responsibly engages with a wide range of dance genres

Membership Requirements

Dance Haus is committed to maintaining an inclusive space where people of all gender identities, sexualities, religions, political affiliations, and races are welcome to participate in Dance Haus events.

Every dance form is an ethnic form. We strive to create a space where we value appreciation rather than appropriation. There is a history of America taking up space and appropriating cultural forms and it is our mission to make people care and bring these issues to light when borrowing dance styles from marginalized groups. In this club, we hope to engage with other cultural styles and remove the
disconnect and connect people to the origins of the cultural style and the context of its creation. This space should bring about awareness and self-reflection in its

  1. Cultural appropriation is defined as selecting certain aspects of a culture and ignoring their original significance for the purpose of setting a “trend.”
  2. Cultural appreciation is defined as using elements of a culture while honoring the history and respecting the culture the elements came from.

During masterclasses that include partnering, Dance Haus strives to reject the tradition of assigning of gendered roles to partners.

Dance Haus is open to all Beloit College students. Any faculty or staff who wish
to join can be non-voting, affiliate members. All active members will be
considered voting members. Active members include students who have attended at least threemeetings per semester

Contact Person

Kelly Tippins

Contact Email

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