Heather Seabury

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Performing Arts
Clubs/Activities: Theta Pi Gamma, Chelonia

After graduating in 2002, Heather put her dance aspirations on hold to secure a job in the pharmaceutical industry. Upon completion of that goal, she has spent most of herfree time continuing to dance wherever she can. At first that was as a guest artist with a small school in Warwick RI. While there she also started taking open ballet classes in Narragansett and Newport. After getting to know some of the teachers she was able to audition for Nutcracker with Island Moving Company of RI in 2004 and has been performing as a guest each season since. In the spring of 2007 she was asked to jump in last minute to a productionof Princess and the Pea with Spindle City Ballet of Fall River MA. This experience opened up a new set of regular performance opportunities and has allowed her to start creating works as well. Most recently her piece BEING was performed by Spindle City Ballet dancers at “Arts around the Block” an outdoor artsfestival in downtown Fall River. She hopes to continue dancing and developing her choreographic voice for years to come.

  • Heather Seabury ’02
    Profile for Heather Seabury’02 was last updated on Aug 27, 2015

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