Sally Murphy

Majors: Political Science and Theater Arts - Dance
Minor: African Studies
Clubs/Activities: Chelonia, Dance
Study Abroad: Senegal

After graduation, Sally spent two years working as an AmeriCorps member with a non profit called EMERGE Community Development. She spent her first year marketing employers to hire previously incarcerated individuals in order to reduce the amount of recidivism in the community. She spent her second AmeriCorps year working with refugees in the Minneapolis community to help them find and secure employment. In her spare time, she performed choreography by Sharon Varosh in Minnesota’s annual Fringe festival. She has also performed works by local artists; Jennifer Mack, Jamey Garner and Carrie Landing. She notes that although not a lot of her post graduation experience has been dance related, a lot of of her dance experiences at Beloit can easily be transferred to life post graduation. At Beloit, Sally had the opportunity to adapt to multiple roles and responsibilities in the dance department. She was able to choreograph, dance in both faculty and student pieces and collaborate to direct a senior dance show. She has found that the ability to adapt to different roles, think broader and tie in multiple perspectives is not only incredibly helpful in life but a lot of fun!

  • Sally Murphy ’99
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