Heather Budd

Majors: Anthropology and Theatre Arts - Dance
Clubs and Activities: Dance Club, Woman’s Center, Snowboard Club.
Study Abroad: Zanzibar, Tanzania.
While at Beloit, her choreographic work Sunken Flight was selected for the gala concert at ACDA 01.

Since her 2001 graduation from Beloit College Heather has been seen dancing on bean bags in tennis courts, in the pitch black through night vision goggles, in town parades, front yards and on rooftops. Dance has brought her to Portland, North Carolina, Seattle, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Chicago, New York and Japan. Dance has led her to collaborate with film makers, composers, play writes, children’s book writers, anarchist marching bands, doctors and children. She was a co-creator of the Seattle collective Left Field Dance which later became the duo Left Field Revival. LFR was welcomed to dance at the Pacific Northwest Ballet and On the Boards in Seattle and the Joyce Soho in New York. Currently Heather works and dances with children and intends to pursue a masters in Occupational Therapy. She is unimaginably thankful to Beloit for providing a supportive environment filled with endless possibilities.

  • Heather Budd ’01
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