Pearsons Hall, Spirituality Room

  • Spirituality Room, Pearsons Hall

In order to facilitate social distancing during COVID-19, most spaces will have less capacity than is listed here.  Consult with the space’s coordinator for more details when planning an event.




CD Player

Food & Drink

No food or drink is allowed in this space.


Notify Security x2355 for access on evenings and weekends.

Additional Notes

The Spirituality Room is intended to be a peaceful retreat for students, faculty, and staff to engage in quiet reflection, meditation, or spiritual/religious gatherings (worship, devotions, study, times of fellowship, etc.)

Reservations are required for regular weekly usage or when you need the room on a definite date and at specific time. Reservations are not required for occasional use, dropping in alone or with friends.

Please use the room according to this basic intention and to the following guidelines:

  • Clean: Leave the room in an orderly, clean state.
  • No Flames: Do not smoke or use candles or incense.
    • On special occasions, unscented candles may be burned with prior consent.
  • Food or Drink: Do not consume these here.
  • Music: Feel free to use the CD player, at low volume.

Room Coordinator(s)


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