MULTI Ensemble

MULTI is a multi-arts ensemble that presents exploratory performance and installation projects. Students who identify with any creative practice (such as vocalists, instrumentalists, sound artists, poets, visual artists, multimedia artists, choreographers, programmers, etc.) share a collaborative environment in which they perform installations and pieces created together. Students discuss weekly readings on devised performance, community development, and collaboration as well as work through structured exercises and improvisations to develop a group-specific creative language. Students explore and widen their distinct creative practices through rehearsing in small groups and as an ensemble to find unique strategies for multidisciplinary performance. Motivated individuals, as well as the entire group, discuss and workshop guided improvisation or fixed performances that they wish to produce with the ensemble. Throughout the semester, students work together to rehearse and prepare these original pieces for a final public presentation. All media styles and levels of experience are welcome.

Instruments & Voices

Any, including non-musical art forms.

Experience Required

No experience needed.

Meeting Times

Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday, 2:35-3:50 pm.


Cullyn Murphy

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