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Creative Strings Collective

An innovative string ensemble (violin, viola, cello, bass) breaks into nonconventional genres for strings in addition to performing traditional string orchestra repertoire. The course includes but is not limited to the following styles: bluegrass, blues, classical, fiddle, jazz, Latin, pop, and tango. Students are encouraged to engage through performance, improvisation and theory with opportunities for arranging and composition. Students need only basic skills on their instrument and an open mind. Neither prior improvisational skills nor theory background are required.

Open to all students, placement hearing by director.

Note: Contact director Amber Dolphin prior to registration.

Instruments & Voices

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. Occasional addition of drum set, bass guitar, and electric piano.

Experience Required

Familiarity with instrument and music fundamentals.

Meeting Times

Weekly on Thursday 4:15-6:15p


Amber Dolphin
  • Student musical performance in the Wright Courtyard Gallery.
    Photo by: Howard Korn’87.

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