609 Emerson Hall

609 is a co-ed, substance-free residence hall housing 40-plus first-year students in double rooms. Women live on the second floor and men live on the first. 

Located nearest to the academic side of campus, and just a short walk away from the Sanger Center for the Sciences, the recently renovated 609 Hall features a newly remodeled first-floor lounge and kitchen. Other renovations include LED light fixtures, new flooring, and fresh paint in rooms and hallways. 

The lounge in 609 Emerson Hall is now a space for transfer students and commuter use. The hope is that these students will build community and a greater sense of belonging as they use the lounge to mingle, study, or take a breather between classes.

Students who commute to campus will need to contact Ryan Schamp, Director of Residential Life, at schampr@beloit.edu before they can access 609.

Large lounge space on 1st floor.

Types of Rooms

Double room types

Notable Features

Large kitchen, dining area, and lounge space.

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