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[THDA 114] Introduction to Costume and Makeup Techniques

This course is meant to provide theatre and dance students with basic sewing and
makeup application skills for the stage. The first half of the term focuses on introductory hand and machine sewing skills, understanding the sewing machine, lessons on fabric, how it is produced and utilized, and ends with a midterm sewing project. The second half of the term focuses on healthy makeup application processes, understanding the skull, and how to manipulate shape using makeup as a tool. As all theatre and dance artists interact with costumes and are expected to know how to apply stage makeup, this course sets our students up for success after leaving Beloit. Students are already expected to take tech and design (more set and lighting focused), thus this hybrid course provides a balanced theatre technology background for our students.

Course Title

Introduction to Costume and Makeup Techniques

Course Code

THDA 114




Offered every other fall, even years.

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