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The purpose of Voces Latinas is to educate members and the campus community about Latino cultures through the promotion of social and recreational activities. Furthermore, Voces Latinas aims to raise awareness about current pressing issues affecting Latinos in the United States. Our annual goal is to make a difference in the lives of persons both on campus and beyond.

Membership Requirements

Voces Latinas welcomes all interested persons from the Beloit College campus community to become active participants. Faculty and staff are further welcomed but are recognized as affiliate, non‐voting individuals; only those members who are active participants will have the right to cast their vote during the election process and other decisions requiring the consent of a majority. Nonetheless, every member is allowed to voice his or her opinion on any decision.

Student Contact Name

Cindy Bahena ‘22 Social Manager; Jasmine Contreras Rodriguez ‘22 Historian

Student Contact Email;

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Sylvia Lopez

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