[SOCI 235] Social Movements

This course examines social movements across time and geographic space to reflect on more general questions about the nature of power and collective action, as well as the relationship between human agency, social structure, and social change. We survey leading theories that attempt to explain and predict social movements and conduct in-depth exploration of particular domestic and international movements in both historical and contemporary contexts. Among the movements we examine are the U.S. civil rights and immigrant rights movements as well as feminist, gay and lesbian, environmental, democracy, peace, and global justice movements. We also examine the role of digital media in domestic and transnational movement organizing. The goal of this class is to provide tools of analysis and practice to inspire innovative thinking for future social change efforts.

Course Title

Social Movements

Course Code

SOCI 235




Prerequisite: Sociology 100 or 150, or consent of instructor.


Offered occasionally.
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