[RUSS 315] Understanding Russia: Culture in Everyday Contexts

This course is designed to advance students’ understanding of the culture of everyday life in Russia and thus promote the intercultural competency necessary for deep comprehension of Russian texts and for meaningful interactions with Russians in a variety of contexts. Through a close analysis of Viktoria Tokareva’sPervaya Popytka, students learn to decode messages embedded in the novella’s many textual allusions to Russian culture, history, and behavior. By the end of the course, students are able to answer a broad array of questions connected to key aspects of Russian identity; this knowledge, in turn, helps students start communicating across cultural boundaries.

Course Title

Understanding Russia: Culture in Everyday Contexts

Course Code

RUSS 315




Prerequisite: Russian 210 or consent of instructor. After on-line registration closes, Modern Languages faculty review all language course enrollments to determine whether or not a student has enrolled in the recommended placement level. If not, the student will be contact by the department to determine whether a drop or registration in another language course is appropriate.

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