[RLST 200] The Comparative Study of Religious Communities

An investigation of distinctive religious communities through a comparative and historical lens. Courses may focus on communities of different religious traditions that are related through historical and cultural context or thematic emphasis; alternatively, they may investigate diverse communities that adhere to one particular tradition. Courses include: Religious Traditions in the Middle East, South Asian Religious Traditions, East Asian Religious Traditions, Abrahamic Traditions in History and Literature, Christianity in Modern Europe, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Fundamentalisms, New Religious Movements. May be repeated for credit if topic is different.

Course Title

The Comparative Study of Religious Communities

Course Code

RLST 200



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Offered at least every second year. The 2A, 3B, and 4U domained versions of this course are, respectively, Religious Studies 201, 202, and 203.

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