[PSYC 300] Perspectives in Psychology, Past and Present

Psychological theories, methods, and knowledge are generated within a particular historical and cultural context. They also change and evolve over time. In this capstone course, students investigate major theoretical approaches, controversial issues, and new developments in the discipline of psychology, from the time of Descartes to the present day. They come to understand how disparate subfields within psychology are connected to each other by common historical roots—and how contemporary psychological knowledge has been shaped by forces and individuals inside and outside of psychology. Students also become familiar with psychology’s heroes, scoundrels, intellectual achievements, and costly errors.

Course Title

Perspectives in Psychology, Past and Present

Course Code

PSYC 300



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Psychology 162, two 200-level courses, and junior or senior standing.


Offered occasionally.

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