Green Team


The Beloit Green Team is dedicated to providing a space in which students are empowered to lead sustainability driven projects on Beloit College’s campus.

The Beloit Green Team intends to educate its members and the student body as a whole about sustainability issues.

The Beloit Green Team intends to complete projects to improve the sustainability of Beloit College’s campus.

Membership Requirements

​Membership is open to all Beloit College Students paying a Student Activities fee, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability status.

In order to be considered a Voting Member of the Beloit Green Team, a student must be either an Executive Officer (of the Beloit Green Team) or attend at least 75% of all meetings starting the week after classes begin.

Student Contact Name

Rashmi Chimmalgi ’21 Club Leader; Emmalynn May ’23 Club Member

Student Contact Email;

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Sue Swanson

Page Updated 10/5/2020

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