Geology Club (T.C. Chamberlin Geology Club)


The main purpose of the T.C. Chamberlin Geology Club is to foster a broader knowledge of geology and the earth sciences at Beloit College. It is our goal to broaden not only academic understanding but also to gain insight into the nature of the wide-ranging applications of geology and the corresponding opportunities and conditions in the workforce. The club will promote off-campus speakers to come to the college and speak about some aspects of geology in order to promote the main goal. It will also allow a platform for students to present and speak about geology. The club will try to have one to two off campus speakers per term, and several faculty and/or student presentations to a large audience. A secondary purpose of the club is to expose students to geology beyond the Beloit College campus, which is accomplished through field trips.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all interested Beloit College students. The requirement for membership is simply an interest in the topic of geology. Members generally have taken at least one geology course and have a basic understanding of the field but his is not a prerequisite to membership. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings and provide input to the activities of the club. All members are allowed to vote, regardless of previous attendance.

Group Type


Student Contact Name

Sam Hall

Student Contact Email

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Jim Rougvie

Page Updated 02/09/2023

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