[JOUR 350] Media and the Anthropocene

Many scientists and researchers across the globe now agree that the Anthropocene—the word proposed to describe a new geological epoch defined by the earth-shaping consequences of human activity—has arrived. This course explores the media landscape of the Anthropocene, focusing on various ways in which filmmakers, podcasters, and other digital storytellers are attempting to make sense of the challenges we humans face during this moment of profound geological and ecological change. In addition to examining the work of others, students are required to produce their own digital media projects, using a variety of audio, video, and web-based production tools.

Course Title

Media and the Anthropocene

Course Code

JOUR 350



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or permission of instructor.


Offered every other year.


Also listed as Environmental Studies 260/Media Studies 350.

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