Buccaneer Boathouse


Foster student stewardship of regional waterways

Create access to water-based recreation

Monitor and advise development directly affecting regional waterways

Activate underutilized Beloit College facilities

Membership Requirements

Crew members are the foundation of The Boathouse. They attend Crew meetings, operate facilities, plan and execute events, encourage usership, and are responsible for advancing the mission of The Boathouse. Any Beloit College student may become a member of the Crew.

To join the Crew, a prospective Crew member must express interest to a Ranking Officer of The Boathouse. The prospective Crew member must then complete training and be certified by a Ranking Officer.

Crew members must complete five hours of service to The Boathouse each semester. Service to The Boathouse is defined as Officer-approved work toward the advancement of The Boathouse mission.

Crew members must abide by all Boathouse Rules.

Crew members will be exclusively eligible for designated events that require greater experience and / or commitment. These events may include, but are not limited to, long-paddles (trips with different start and end points), multi-day trips, and trial programming.

Contact Person

Quin Brunner ’21, Officer

Contact Email


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