[IDST 288] Cities in Transition

This course enables students to engage critically with the complex urban environments in which they live and study by combining classroom work with explorations of the city beyond the university. Depending on the course location, these explorations will use techniques ranging from observations, field notes, mapping exercises, and visits to various sites of cultural, historical, and social significance to informal interviews, volunteer placements in local organizations, and research projects. Possible topics to be explored include tradition vs. modernity, gender, poverty, movements of people from rural to urban spaces, the effects of globalization, the human impact on the environment, and social problems. Topics course.

Course Title

Cities in Transition

Course Code

IDST 288



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: acceptance to a Beloit College study abroad program with a Cities in Transition course. Cities in Transition courses are offered in China, Russia, and Senegal. As well, a Cities in Transition course with a focus on health is taught in Beloit and Nicaragua every other spring.
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