[IDST 222] Taking Action: Theatre, Therapy, and Activism

You’ve got something to say, but you can’t find a way to communicate your perspective? Why wait for the play? Street theatre, psychodrama, and guerrilla theatre can offer exciting possibilities to create dialogue in your community. Taking Action is created for students who are interested in using theatrical techniques to take a message to the masses. The course will cover improvisational acting; Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, and Legislative Theatre; Jacob Levy Moreno’s psychodramatic techniques; as well as other international trends in street and psychotherapeutic performance. Taking Action is a performance course that asks students to turn political and personal issues into action. The focus is on developing a persuasive message that has the possibility to incite discussion and eventually bring about change. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to create activist performances in the surrounding college and Beloit communities.

Course Title

Taking Action: Theatre, Therapy, and Activism

Course Code

IDST 222




Prerequisite: Theatreand Dance 106.

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