Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family (BUFF)


We the players of the Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family, in order to form a more perfect team, lay out D’s, bid hard, chant together, win tournaments, call ups, and ensure a successful program for ourselves and prosperity, do ordain and establish this constitution of the Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family. Additionally, the Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family seeks to promote the tradition of ultimate on Beloit campus, and to connect students with students from other schools, and the greater ultimate community.

Membership Requirements

BUFF membership is open to any Beloit College student regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disabilities, and does not discriminate based on previous ultimate experience or understanding. Additionally, all members of Beloit College (faculty, staff, and students) are encouraged to attend practices as are alums and those in the greater Beloit Community.

Group Type


Student Contact Name

Henry Braun’23, Captain

Student Contact Email

Faculty/Staff Advisor Name

Phil Chen

Page Updated 02/09/2023

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