[HIST 268] Europe and the Modern World: 1789-present

This class introduces students to the political, cultural, social and economic history of Europe from the late 18th century to the present, focusing on Europeans’ relationships and interactions with people from other parts of the world. Over the course of the semester, we compare European developments to those of other continents. We address the ways in which Europe took a specific and unusual path, as well as the ways in which Europe’s history was typical of broader, world-wide trends. The class places a special emphasis on transfers of knowledge and people across Europe’s outer boundaries. We examine the images that Europeans formed of overseas territories, and we follow European “explorers,” colonial rulers and immigrants on their world-wide voyages. The course shows the impact of European political and economic ideologies on the cultural, social and political structures of other parts of the world. At the same time, the class addresses non-Europeans’ perspectives on Europe. It examines how people from areas such as South Asia or Africa travelled or migrated to Europe, how they appropriated European ideas for their own purposes, and how they contributed, in various ways, to Europe’s history.

Course Title

Europe and the Modern World: 1789-present

Course Code

HIST 268



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Offered every two years. Open to first-year students.
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