May 01, 2018

From the Archives

You never know what you’re going to find.

Mixed in among the documents and photographs you’d expect to find in Beloit’s Archives are any number of unusual objects, such as beanies, banners, busts, and other Beloit ephemera from long ago, not to mention examples of vintage college swag. The exact origin of this bright felt pennant is unknown, but Archivist Fred Burwell’86 speculates this expression of Beloit spirit has been around for at least a century.

Also In This Issue

  • Seeking a Good Society

  • Chuck Savage’76

    In Remembrance: Art Professor Ralph Knasinski

  • A group of South Beloit firefighters are shown clockwise from top left: Alex Leininger ’18, Duncan McFadden ’18, Nico Hamacher, Ryan Jacquemet ’19, and Eben Crawford ’17.

    Saving Lives, While Still in College


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