January 16, 2019

Remembering George H.W. Bush

  • George H.W. Bush visits Beloit College in February 1978.
    Beloit College Archives

With the recent death of George H.W. Bush, we turned to College Archivist Fred Burwell’86, who has written about the 41st President’s visit to Beloit in the 1970s. Bush—at that time a former CIA director and former U.S. envoy to China—was a personal friend of seventh College President Martha Peterson. Burwell writes that, “Long before he became President, Bush visited Beloit in February 1978, when he talked with students and faculty, gave a public lecture titled ‘Perspectives on China,’ and stayed overnight at the President’s House.” Bush also wrote one of his legendary thank you notes to Martha Peterson, which is in College Archives.

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