Rehearsal for Murder

Beloit College students performed Rehearsal for Murder in April of 2024. The script was full of twist and turns, and the performance required the full use of the theatre space.


from the Teleplay by Levinson and Link
adapted for the stage by D.D. Brook
Directed by Amy L. Sarno
Neese Theatre


One year ago, Alex’s fiancé, Monica, was found dead the day before their wedding. It was the very same night as the Broadway preview of Alex’s newest comic script – starring his beloved. Bereft, Alex retreated from the public eye.

Today, one year after Monica’s death, Alex has re-convened his cast in the very same theatre where they opened last year. Alex wants them to read his new play, Killing Jessica, which describes the death of a woman – very much like Monica’s – and it seems as though the characters are suspiciously similar to the people Alex has gathered for the reading.

Perhaps, the play’s the thing wherein Alex’ll catch the conscience of a killer.

April 27, 2024

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